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They Know Not What They Do

 Active Peace Circles Strengthening Relationships/Healing Divisions And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” A child dies in detention. A young, unarmed black man is killed by a white police officer. Another is racially profiled and...

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“A book to read, re-read, and apply to our lives!”

“Active Peace is a wise, uplifting, and heart opening book about relationship to self, others, nature and the world. Scott Brown masterfully presents profound concepts and transformative exercises in a direct, accessible way.”

~Shelley Tanenbaum, Psy.D Clinical Psychologist
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Book Review by Carolyn Baker

Long-time activist, Scott Brown is a seasoned advocate and organizer for social justice, but he brings more to his work than a passion for peace and fairness. continue

Book Review by Rivera Sun

Scott Brown’s new book, Active Peace: A Mindful Path to a Nonviolent World, is a startling book. Personal and unflinchingly honest, he looks at both the negative effects of separation…continue

Scott's coaching has been a huge support! His powerful insights helped me see the deeper issues and patterns. Scott's gifts are unique and the healing he offers is profound. I highly recommend him!
– Edward Duffy
Arvada, CO

During the grief of witnessing the BP oil spill Scott helped me get control of my emotions. Instead of uselessly falling apart, he reminded me of what I could do. His wisdom and brilliant methods give me hope for the future.
– Eleanor Crow, Texas

Scott Brown has brought a rich variety of life experience to bear on the crucial subject of how to make and live peace in a world ravaged by violence….Active Peace is a passionately engaged and pragmatic message from the trenches of a life devoted to service.
- Andrew Harvey, Founder, Institure for Sacred Activism

In the final hours, the ramifications of Scott's approach to conflict transformation rendered us “awe-struck.” We were awed by the magnitude of the paradigm shift, by the humanity of it, and by the almost unfathomable potential.
—Deborah Fink
Boulder, CO


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