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Do what you must with people, but never shut
anyone out of your heart, even for a moment.

—Neem Karoli Baba


Active Peace’s Peacemaker Training includes:

  • Customized approaches to the foundations of peace: mindfulness, nature-based practices, interpersonal skills and tools, and restorative activism.
  • Unleashing the principles and practices of restorative justice on the full range of social issues to repair harm and build relationships.
  • Creating safe environments where vulnerability and the deep truth of the heart can be expressed.
  • Experiential learning that will change who you are and how you live.

Train in Active Peace!

What would be possible if everyone engaged in social action had real training as a peacemaker?

What if even a small portion of our time as concerned citizens and activists was directed at addressing the belief in separateness?

The belief in separateness is the root cause of our collective crisis, as well as so much of our personal suffering. Peacemakers understand this and work to heal this wound in themselves and others.

My training and background in peacemaking includes restorative justice, mediation, a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology and ecopsychology, nonviolent communication, wilderness rites of passage, teaching mindfulness, and, most importantly, my own life practice.

If you are ready for more peace—in yourself, your organization, or your community—get in touch and we’ll talk about how I can support you.

From racism, bullying, gun violence, and international conflict, to climate change and other environmental issues, training in Active Peace will transform you and your work!

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