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The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that
there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul,
although the two cannot be separated.



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The foundations of mindfulness, nature-based practices, and interpersonal skills and tools, and my background as an activist and peacemaker give my coaching a transformational edge.

My coaching happens in the larger context–the state of the world and all of what you are beyond the limited sense of self. The times are tough but it is still possible to experience the freedom, courage and empowerment that lies beyond habitual patterns and limiting beliefs!

Whether you want some one-on-one support or want to work as a couple, I have the training and experience to help you get what you need.

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If you are ready for real transformation—real health and empowerment—get in touch with me to schedule a free consultation today. We’ll customize a plan best suited to your needs.
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Are You Longing For:

  • More Relaxation?
  • More Self-Acceptance?
  • Deeper and More Meaningful Relationships?

  • More Groundedness and Connection to Nature?
  • Healing from Divorce or a Serious Break-up?

Fishing-the-Animas2Path of Restoration”

Living into the Truth of Interbeing


Scott has been such a huge support through our coaching sessions. He has such powerful insights and profound awareness of the deeper issues happening within and allows the process to naturally unfold while holding a sacred space. Scott’s gifts and strength are unique and the healing he offers is profound. I highly recommend him.
Edward Duffy, Arvada, CO
Scott Brown is a kind and insightful life coach. He helped me through a challenging stretch in my life. With his guidance, I was able to reach a significant goal, overcoming many obstacles along the way. I highly recommend Scott as a coach who can make a huge difference in your life.
James Churches, Nederland, CO
My ex-husband and I had tried to work things out on our own after our divorce and even though there were quiet times they were not peaceful. Both of us had behavioral patterns and set expectations that blurred our vision and shrouded our ears from hearing each other. We started mediation as a last ditch effort before preparing for war, with never ending legal expenses and hurting or being hurt. With the help of Scott Brown, my ex-husband and I were able to meet and discuss very emotional topics while staying present and focused. We were able to re-establish our parenting relationship using agreed upon tools that we will use from now on. It has been an incredibly positive experience that has benefited us and our son. I cannot thank you enough for the work you do and guidance you have provided.
Kelly F., Longmont, CO
I felt like Scott’s presence was very supportive. What I appreciated most was how, right from the start, he stayed with what was happening in the present moment. Working through what specifically is my present experience without blaming was challenging and very helpful. I can see my ex-husband more as a person now instead of an ex-husband.
Elizabeth, Boulder, CO
I really appreciated the chance to talk about everything without judgment. The process really helped me focus on issues I would otherwise gloss over.
Nick, Erie, CO
Pretty intense. I was challenged to look beyond what I thought was possible. This process was a good first step for improving communication. I feel positive about the commitments that came out of the process.
Sam, Lafayette, CO
Scott has a refreshing, purposeful and honest approach to relationship coaching and mediation that extends beyond the immediate session. His guidance and expertise gave us useful tools that not only enabled us to resolve our immediate differences but also improved our relationship going forward. We are grateful for his assistance.
Katie. B, Erie, CO