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Active Peace Webinar: Courage, Healing and Effective Action

The Active Peace Webinar helped me in hugely important ways. First, even though we live in turbulent times, I believe the worst in my life time, my own inner peace expanded and strengthened over the course of the Webinar. Naming and consciously dealing with the illusion of separation deepened my commitment to engage in a compassionate and respectful way with people on the opposite side of our political divide. Second, my ability to live in the present moment has greatly expanded. Being more present and not falling into anxiety and fear over what may happen is invaluable these days.
– Margie McCarty, Boulder, CO

Scott Brown’s webinar is valuable for anyone who is trying to navigate the socio-political climate in the US today without getting caught in the web of antagonism. The course brings nonviolent activism to life in real time. Scott brings decades of wisdom to the table, and his teaching style is clear and sensitive. He supports you as he challenges you to break new ground in your thinking and being. I loved receiving each week’s video recording and used them fully. I have come away with a depth and breadth of information and experience that prepare me to be a loving presence while I work for justice in my community.
– Mary Beth Martin, Florida

I find our political, economic, and environmental situation daunting, and the thought of addressing it overwhelming. Scott’s course names the sources of our predicament and presents a spiritual and psychological perspective that helps me orient, remember who I am, and relate more effectively with others. The course gave me awareness and experience of our interconnectedness with one another and the earth in a way that brings peace and perspective to each day as well as to my activism. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with Scott and the other participants too!
– Lynda McCollough, Loveland, CO

I recommend the Active Peace webinar for people with a background in activism, are experiencing burnout, or are re-engaging after burnout. It is very helpful in re-grounding for engagement. It helped me see that the people and groups I have perceived as adversaries/enemies/other are, same as me, members of one human family.
– Rev. Dr. Warren Clark, Florida

What does peace look like when actively embraced? How do we stay grounded in what we value and also connect to others with opposing views? Big questions such as these were addressed in the Active Peace webinar and I learned practical ways to stay real and honor the importance of every relationship. This works helps allow true change to happen!
– April N., San Francisco, CA

I had read Active Peace and throughout the webinar the messages came alive and I immediately begun to incorporate them into my life journey. They have motivated me to walk a more meaningful path of consistent nonviolence as I acknowledge the interrelatedness and basic dignity of all people. I have found Scott’s work to be very helpful, informative and motivating!
– Sue Woodling, Raleigh, NC

As the publisher of Scott Brown’s book Active Peace, I have had the immense pleasure of working with Scott over nearly two years’ time. It became clear to me that Scott was not only uniquely prepared to write this book—through his education, vast research, and life experiences, but that every day he lives out his commitment to his beliefs.

I participated in Scott’s webinar and it came as no surprise that this offering is capable of providing participants with a life-transforming experience. His quiet demeanor, seamlessly integrated with his strength and authority, makes everyone feels safe in his hands and sure that they are being set on an enriching new life path, no matter what they choose to do with what they learn. I recommend his webinar highly to all who wish to understand the illusion of separateness and learn how to become life-giving peacemakers!
– Cheryl Genet, Ph.D. Managing Editor of the Collins Foundation Press

Life Coaching and Mediation

Scott has been such a huge support through our coaching sessions. He has such powerful insights and profound awareness of the deeper issues happening within and allows the process to naturally unfold while holding a sacred space. Scott’s gifts and strength are unique and the healing he offers is profound. I highly recommend him.
– Edward Duffy, Arvada, CO

Scott Brown is a kind and insightful life coach. He helped me through a challenging stretch in my life. With his guidance, I was able to reach a significant goal, overcoming many obstacles along the way. I highly recommend Scott as a coach who can make a huge difference in your life.
– James Churches, Nederland, CO

I felt like Scott’s presence was very supportive. What I appreciated most was how, right from the start, he stayed with what was happening in the present moment. Working through what specifically is my present experience without blaming was challenging and very helpful. I can see my ex-husband more as a person now instead of an ex-husband.
– Elizabeth, Boulder, CO

I really appreciated the chance to talk about everything without judgment. The process really helped me focus on issues I would otherwise gloss over.
– Nick, Erie, CO

Pretty intense. I was challenged to look beyond what I thought was possible. This process was a good first step for improving communication. I feel positive about the commitments that came out of the process.
– Sam, Lafayette, CO

Scott has a refreshing, purposeful and honest approach to relationship coaching and mediation that extends beyond the immediate session. His guidance and expertise gave us useful tools that not only enabled us to resolve our immediate differences but also improved our relationship going forward. We are grateful for his assistance.
– Katie. B., Erie, CO

My ex-husband and I had tried to work things out on our own after our divorce and even though there were quiet times they were not peaceful. Both of us had behavioral patterns and set expectations that blurred our vision and shrouded our ears from hearing each other. We started mediation as a last ditch effort before preparing for war, with never ending legal expenses and hurting or being hurt. With the help of Scott Brown, my ex-husband and I were able to meet and discuss very emotional topics while staying present and focused. We were able to re-establish our parenting relationship using agreed upon tools that we will use from now on. It has been an incredibly positive experience that has benefited us and our son. I cannot thank you enough for the work you do and guidance you have provided.
– Kelly F., Longmont, CO

Youth Mentoring and Restorative Justice

Scott Brown offers a dynamic and comprehensive practice of Restorative Justice and mentoring. He utilizes foundational principles not only to repair harm but also to address the need for deeper healing and new beginnings. Scott’s passion for his work and desire to restore balance to the world is remarkable. His work will challenge how you think about health and relationships.
– Ben Smith, M.A.
Program Director, Alternative Homes for Youth

Scott is recognized as a go-to mentor for working with difficult youth. He has a great ability to connect with people, show them respect, listen for what they really need, and offer them support and hope. He models adult behavior and values—something desperately needed by so many youth. I heartily recommend his services.
– Leon Rodriguez, LCSW
Client Manager/Parole Officer, Colorado Division of Youth Corrections

In the 20 years of my professional work in some sort of human services field the restorative justice circle with Scott Brown] was truly one of the most amazing and valuable experiences. The level of accountability and sincerity I just do not have the words to describe it was so incredible. An EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT resource for our kids, families, and community. It is like miracle work!
– Jennifer Gunnarson-Scott
Client Manager/Parole Officer, Colorado Division of Youth Corrections

It is a privilege to have observed and learned from Scott Brown while working together at Alternative Homes for Youth. It is abundantly clear that not only does Scott care greatly for the wellbeing of the clients he was directly working with, but every one involved in the Restorative Justice process. Scott believes in Restorative Justice to the core of his being, which allowed many of the youth to commit themselves to the process to the best of their ability. Scott is truly one of the most patient, accepting listeners I have ever met. Thank you Scott for allowing me to be a witness to your work!
– Emily Griffith,
Program Manager, Alternative Homes for Youth

Testimonials for Restorative Activism

During the shock and deep grief of witnessing the 8O-day BP oil spill Scott helped me realize that I could rally and activate my will to help in any small way I could. He reminded me I could not stop it, but I could write on behalf of my beloved ecosystem instead of hopelessly and uselessly falling apart. I wish I had internalized the vital truths he was formulating then more quickly, so I could have healed myself more quickly and acted more strongly. Scott’s wisdom and brilliant methods of seeing our oneness with all living things gives me hope for the well being of the planet.
– Eleanor Crow, Texas

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the workshop on Restorative Activism. There was such clear commitment and vision in the flow of activities, from the lighthearted to the profound. It was very refreshing to realize that so many people understand the need to synthesize spiritual principles with their actions in the world.  The environment created in the workshop was an inspired collaboration. Thank you!
– Beth Bunning, Lafayette, CO

The calm, safe, and accepting atmosphere at the workshop allowed the participants to share deeply and authentically. I came away feeling connected and less alone in my beliefs in peace and compassion. I found the mindfulness exercises both challenging and renewing, and feel that they are an arena through which I can continue to gain clarity about how I need to engage with the world. The workshop was a beautiful experience and I will hold it in my heart as a source of inspiration.
– Sarah Solter, Boulder, CO

The workshop gave me a focus for many of my recent feelings. Through my grief I am opening to the revealing path of my activism and service to others. Your work is courageous and truthful and is very beneficial to my growth.
– Julie Clement, Longmont, CO

The Restorative Activism workshop was powerful and moving; as a result I was able to repair and hopefully strengthen a difficult relationship with my daughter. The workshop gave me the tools to access my “higher self” instead of my ego.
– Carol Myers, Boulder, CO