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Scott and John

Restoration Dialogues Podcast


Welcome to Restoration Dialogues, where ideas and the felt experience of being human come together to support personal and collective healing – the restoration of ourselves and our society; with your hosts John Ehrhart and Scott Brown.

KGNU Interview


Scott talks about the path of Active Peace on Boulder’s independent radio station KGNU. Recorded on March 1, 2017.

Asheville, NC Interview


Scott’s last interview of the book tour with McNair Ezzard on Asheville’s WPVM radio station. Recorded on October 28, 2016.


Love (and Revolution) Radio Interview (with Rivera Sun and Sherri Mitchell)


This week on Love (and Revolution) Radio, we speak with author Scott Brown about his new book, Active Peace: a Mindful Path to a Nonviolent World, and how we can apply the principles of restorative justice to activism and nonviolent social change.


Progressive Spirit with John Shuck


Scott Brown is the Cofounder of the Colorado Center for Restorative Practices. Scott has been a long-time activist working for over 15 years with organizations including Greenpeace, the Idaho Conservation League, and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.


The New Lifeboat Hour with Carolyn Baker

Carolyn interviews Scott Brown, author of Active Peace: A Mindful Path To A Non-Violent World. While peacemaking and non-violence are essential goals, if the inner world of the activist is not transformed, they will be less effective in the outer world and may in fact, become part of the problem.

Out of the Fog

Out of the Fog with Karen Hagar


Why do we do so much violence to ourselves, to others and to the Earth? Peacemaker and psychologist Scott Brown feels that our belief in separateness is the root cause of this violence. We’ll talk about his new book Active Peace, and Scott’s commitment to creating a nonviolent world.


Self Discovery Radio with Sara Troy


Scott Brown is a visionary who bridges divides: psychology and spirituality, the personal and the political, humanity and nature, peacemaking and activism. He is a leading advocate for consistent nonviolence and bringing the principles and practices of restorative justice to bear on the full range of social issues.


Mettacenter – Restorative Activism Podcast


Hear Scott’s interview with Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler of the Metta Center For Nonviolence on restorative justice and peacemaking.

Scott comes in 25 minutes into the show.