The Most Basic Choice

I hope this finds you happy and healthy and filled with the energy and beauty of high summer. I hope it finds you holding the great paradoxes we are immersed in—seeing not just the darkness and not just the light, but all of it as you stand in truth with an open heart and [...]

Active Peace Anniversary and Evolution

It’s been a year since Active Peace was published and I started out on the book tour.  What a year it’s been and how blessed I am to be able to continue promoting this approach to seeing the big picture and healing the violence and insanity. It is gratifying that so many people have resonated [...]

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Straight Talk on Spiritual Activism

MLK Jr. National Historic Site Here's some straight talk about spiritual activism in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s 88th birthday. I’ll start with a little story. A colleague in the nonviolent activism world was offering me support on my book tour this summer and fall. As she reached out to her contacts [...]

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A Season of Nonviolence

By A Season of Nonviolence, I’m referring less to Christmas/Solstice/Hannukkah than I am to our engaged citizenship in the opening months of 2017. The energy we bring to our activism (our way of being) is much more important than what we do, and how we engage early on will set the stage for what’s [...]

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Post Election Reflection

Eternal FlameMartin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site While there’s no shortage of post-election opinionating, I want to offer my own, Active Peace oriented response. As I was flying back to the U.S. yesterday from Canada, I opened up my passport and noticed a quote on one of the inside pages by Dwight [...]

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Restoration Dialogues and the Making of Men

I’m so grateful to John Ehrhart for suggesting and being lead manifester for our podcast series, Restoration Dialogues. As it says in the introduction to the show, “Welcome to Restoration Dialogues, where ideas and the felt experience of being human come together to support personal and collective healing—the restoration of ourselves and our society.” Going [...]

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To End War Forever

I’m so happy to be going live with the Active Peace website and I invite you to check it out. It only recently dawned on me that my work in the world is now about nothing less than ending all war forever. By that I mean all the different kinds of wars we fight: against [...]

Restorative Justice Unleashed

As I’ve scanned the web over the past few years for writing on the link between restorative justice and activism, looking for allies and information, there has always been a surprising void. There still is, but I feel that’s about to change. Any and all of the various forms of activism happening around the world [...]

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Repairing Environmental Harm with Restorative Justice

Greetings Friends, I recently sent an open letter to Colorado Governor Hickenlooper asking him to facilitate a discussion  about using the principles and practices of restorative justice to repair the harm caused by the spill of toxic mining waste into the Animas River. As a follow-up I’ve put down some thoughts related to what using [...]

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