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The way to do is to be.
—Lao Tzu

Practicing Active Peace sets the stage for increased clarity and compassion as we engage with the world. With increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills we are better positioned to be a force for greater good. A restorative approach to activism brings life-affirming values such as respect and relationship to bear on even the most challenging situations. Connected to life energy itself we find the source and fuel for the kind of activism most needed now.

As someone who spent 15 years doing activism from a place of anger, unconsciousness, and a kind of victim mentality, I know the toll it can take and the limits of its effectiveness.

Restorative Activism

  • Recognizes and focuses on the belief in separateness as the root cause of our collective crisis and so much of our personal suffering
  • Prioritizes relationships
  • Promotes consistent nonviolence
  • Acknowledges anger and sees the life energy underneath it

Attending to Hopelessness