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Scott has been blessed with a wide range of experience and training. This includes a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Ecopsychology, professional experience in restorative justice, mediation, relationship coaching, mentoring youth in the criminal justice system, and guiding wilderness-based rites of passage trips. In all of these roles he has put restorative practices on the ground.

Community Peacemaking: Creative, Constructive, Proactive

Friends, I don’t want to waste any time in wishing you a strong start to this new year and letting you know how we can collaborate in bringing more peace and sanity into the world in 2018. There seems to be a lot of agreement that 2017 was a challenging year. So now here [...]

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Natural Peace: A Meditation for the International Day of Peace

Sandhill Cranes. Photo credit: Stephen R. Jones Friends, The International Day of Peace approaches (Sept. 21) and I’m happy to be participating in a celebration and teach-in sponsored by the United Nations Association of Denver and other partners. I’ve been invited to set the stage with an opening meditation. In the spirit [...]

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Eclipsing Violence and Injustice

2017 Solar Eclipse over Nebraska. Credit: Stephen R. Jones In the midst of all the pain, sadness, and despair going around these days I’ve been working hard at creating a specific remedy—a healing process that can be made available to any community interested in transforming conflict into real peace and justice. I [...]

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The Most Basic Choice

Burrowing Owl. Photo credit: Stephen R. Jones I hope this finds you happy and healthy and filled with the energy and beauty of high summer. I hope it finds you holding the great paradoxes we are immersed in—seeing not just the darkness and not just the light, but all of it as [...]

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Active Peace Anniversary and Evolution

It’s been a year since Active Peace was published and I started out on the book tour.  What a year it’s been and how blessed I am to be able to continue promoting this approach to seeing the big picture and healing the violence and insanity. It is gratifying that so many people have resonated [...]

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Straight Talk on Spiritual Activism

MLK Jr. National Historic Site Here's some straight talk about spiritual activism in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s 88th birthday. I’ll start with a little story. A colleague in the nonviolent activism world was offering me support on my book tour this summer and fall. As she reached out to her contacts [...]

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A Season of Nonviolence

By A Season of Nonviolence, I’m referring less to Christmas/Solstice/Hannukkah than I am to our engaged citizenship in the opening months of 2017. The energy we bring to our activism (our way of being) is much more important than what we do, and how we engage early on will set the stage for what’s [...]

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Post Election Reflection

Eternal FlameMartin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site While there’s no shortage of post-election opinionating, I want to offer my own, Active Peace oriented response. As I was flying back to the U.S. yesterday from Canada, I opened up my passport and noticed a quote on one of the inside pages by Dwight [...]

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