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AP Cover Front FinalDear Friends,

To 50-city Active Peace  book tour this past summer and fall was such a beautiful experience!  I received wonderful hospitality and support, and I will continue to be inspired by the heartful activists and peacemakers I met!

I’m following it up with an Active Peace webinar: Courage, Healing, and Effective Activism. This will be the real deal for people wanting a deep, transformational approach to nonviolent activism.   Please check it and help me spread the word.

And if you haven’t read the book yet, please do, and let me know what you think.

The book is available through Amazon and the Collins Foundation Press. Let me know how it supports you in these crazy and beautiful times we live in. Advance praise for the book can be found here and a downloadable color flyer here.

“Scott Brown has brought a wide and rich variety of life experiences to bear on the crucial subject of how to make and live peace in a world ravaged by violence….Active Peace is not armchair philosophizing: it is a passionately engaged and pragmatic message from the trenches of a life devoted to service.”                                       

                        —Andrew Harvey

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Love, Scott


Active Peace Webinar
Courage, Healing, and Effective Action

Wednesday Nights / 6 – 8 pm MST
October 4, 2017 through November 15, 2017

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